Germantown police investigate attempted car break in

As Zach Thomas peels away tape, he remembers the moment this window took a bullet...

Thomas says, "...It was a shattering and a crackling. I thought it was fireworks."

The true blue Tiger fan and his girlfriend were listening to the radio around 10:45 Monday night...
while parked in the 13-hundred block of Riverdale in Germantown.

Tinted windows apparently prevented a gun toting bandit from seeing Zach and his date inside Zach's ride.

Thomas continues, "...I think what happened was they were trying to steal stuff out of my car. Didn't know I was sitting in it."

Germantown P-D Captain Lee Covey says it's really an OLD way of breaking into cars.

Captain Lee Covey with Germantown police says, "You just walk up and with the bb pistol, it's a lot easier than a firearm because it makes so much noise."

In Zach's case, the gunmen took off...and with Zach in pursuit to get the plate number, the suspects slammed into a 16-year-old's car at the intersection of Poplar and Riverdale!

Thomas continues, "He sped up going about 90 miles per hour and hit another guy in the side going about 75 miles per hour crossing Poplar."

Before the crash, police believe the same suspects shot-out windows on car at the Vineyard Apartments on Riverdale...and may have STOLEN a car from another complex.

Thomas continues, "Fortunately it didn't go through this windshield..."

He's thankful it's just a window that needs replacing.

"It could have hit either me or my girlfriend."