Memphis homicide investigators have increased case load

Every murder in Memphis results in a tremendous amount of work for Memphis homicide investigators.

Memphis police counselor Betty Winter says, "Everything that we get involved with becomes very complicated."

Memphis police counselor Betty Winter says once detectives solve a crime they're also responsible for wrapping up all the details.

Winter continues, "Trying to make sure the case notes are written in such a way that it can be followed in court so that justice can be carried out."

With new cases coming in and older ones to solve, stress and fatigue can become overwhelming.

And the caseload for Memphis homicide detectives just keeps growing.

On Sunday a woman was shot to death through the door of her apartment.

Monday a double murder on Mississippi Boulevard marked the 41st and 42nd murder in Memphis this year.

The 43rd victim was shot to death Tuesday night at a convenience store on Holmes Road.

"The officers often see things that no one else in the public is going to see they tend to see the worst of humanity," continues Winter.

That's why its important to monitor whether the long hours are affecting performance.

"Cause it could compromise their safety the safety of their officers or the citizens," says Winter.

Memphis police employees have several outlets to talk about stress. And for those reluctant to get help, supervisors are trained to recognize the warning signs.