Memphis police now calling Logan Young case a death investigation

Logan Young's mansion certainly looked like a crime scene Tuesday. And many neighbors had murder in mind as Young's body was carried away.

"It's just crazy that it happened so close to our home," said one neighbor.

At the time, Memphis Police called it a homicide.

"When you have a case where you don't know, when the manner and cause is not determined, then we have to treat it as if it's a homicide," says Sgt. Vince Higgins.

Police now admit the brutal bashing Logan Young suffered may not have been at the hands of someone else. Basically, it's possible Young fell down the stairs or something else.

"Once the medical examiner makes a determination, we'll know for sure," says Higgins. "It's possible," he adds.

The possibilities continue to peak curiosities in a community where Logan Young was loved by many and is now very much missed.

"I'd like to find out what really happened," says one neighbor.

The only sure thing is that Young definitely died a violent death. Blood was found throughout his sprawling house.

"What was apparent is this individual was injured mortally, that was apparent," says Higgins.

Everything else should be considered speculation in a case that is anything but clear-cut.

The medical examiner's report is what everybody is eagerly anticipating. It will list both the manner and cause of death. It could also be inconclusive. That report is expected in the coming days.