Lense solution pulled from Mid-Souths after fungus scare

A rare fungus is popping up among contact lens wearers. It can cause eye redness and irritation, blurry vision, and white spots on the eye.

This week, the CDC said it may be linked to a commonly used lens solution.

There have been four reported cases of those fungal eye infections in Tennessee this year.

Shelves are empty at the Target on Colonial in Memphis, where you'd normally find a popular contact lens solution. Bausch and Lomb stopped shipping its ReNu solutions earlier this week, after the CDC's report linked the product to an eye fungus called fusarium keratitis.

"It is a very rare fungus," said Dr. Chris Fleming of the UT Hamilton Eye Institute.. "It is difficult to treat."

"According to the CDC, 109 of these fungus cases were being investigated across the country as of April 9th. Complete data was available for only 30 of those patients - of those, 87% reported using Bausch and Lomb ReNu lens solution, or a generic solution manufactured by Bausch & Lomb.

"They're not growing the bacteria in the solutions," Hamilton said. "So is there some events that are going on that are causing people to have more of these? That's what needs to be investigated over the next few weeks."

In a statement on their website, Bausch and Lomb said, "Bausch and Lomb has been collaborating with the Food and Drug Administration, the CDC, major eye centers and health authorities in a comprehensive investigation to determine if the reports represent an increase in historical incidence of these infections, and to determine the root cause."

Until they know more contact lense users will have to find something else to soak their lenses in.