Laidlaw investigates improper conduct on school bus

The company in charge of your child's school transportation is investigating allegations of improper conduct against one of its drivers.

Mother Angela Harris says instead of protecting students from an enraged man, a Laidlaw school bus driver endangered children by giving that man access to them.

Her daughter Tahera Stroud says she was terrified by what happened on the bus Wednesday afternoon. Stroud says the nightmare began when some of her classmates harassed a driver in the next lane.

"He was getting ready to turn until another boy hollered out the window and called him the b- word, and he said well y'all don't know me, I'll blow this bus up," Stroud recalled.

The eighth grader was shocked by what her bus driver did next.

"She pulled over for him! She was like okay, they're going to get y'all, I bet y'all won't holler out the window no more," Stroud said.

When the driver opened the door, the man got on the bus and began yelling at the students. Stroud says the man then left the bus and got back into his car, and brandished a gun.

The director of Laidlaw Transit said the report he received from the bus driver did not include mention of a gun or what the man said when he got on the bus. Robert Thornton says his driver did pull over, but did not invite the man on the bus.

"The driver was trying to hear what he was stating to her, she could not hear him through the door so she had to open the door to hear him," Thornton said.

Parent Angela Harris said it should have been handled differently.

"If she really wanted to know what he wanted, she could have easily let her own window down to ask him," Harris said.

Laidlaw Transit says it's against policy for anyone other than company officials, school employees or students to be on the bus at anytime.

That school bus driver is still on the job as Laidlaw investigates.