Undercover officer caught up in criminal investigation

Memphian Chris Lyons is like most of us. She expects men and women behind the badge to live by the rules they enforce.

"I understand there's crooked people in every business, but seems like not the policemen, not the cop," says Lyons.

Reserve officer Andrew Hunt is the latest Memphis cop to be caught up in a criminal investigation. He's accused of armed robbery using his service weapon, while in uniform, and driving a marked squad car.

"Yea, that's real disturbing," says Lyons.

One incident is said to have occurred along Vollintine Avenue. Hunt is accused of robbing known drug dealers of $1000, a kilo of cocaine, and a $15, 000 watch. Hunt allegedly agreed to give back the cocaine after getting nearly $10, 000 stashed in a dumpster. Other incidents, one as recent as Wednesday night, are detailed in a three-page criminal complaint.

"Obviously, it's a very serious situation," says attorney Coleman Garrett.

Garrett represented Hunt during his initial appearance Thursday in federal court.

"It means potentially long jail sentence, monster fines, it's very, very serious," says Garrett.

These serious charges have landed Andrew Hunt on the wrong side of the law.

Hunt's reserve status was revoked following Thursday's developments. He's being held without bond. Meantime, top brass say incidents like this should not reflect negatively on other MPD employees.