Toxicology reports pending in Logan Young case

Toxicology reports which are still pending will likely show Logan Young was on anti rejection drugs for a kidney transplant.

Action News Five went to the Methodist University Hospital to look into the potential side effects of such medication.

Dr. James Eason with the Memphis Transplant Institute says, "Really most of the side effects of these medications do not cause symptoms."

According to this preliminary autopsy report, Young died from a blunt force head injury. But blood evidence throughout his home suggests Young's fall down the stairs didn't kill him instantly. Memphis doctors who specialize in the treatment of head injuries say its common for victims remain lucid for a period of time.

Neurosurgery resident Dr. Jason Weaver says, "Usually after an initial trauma there can be a period where a patient appears very normal and then as additional brain trauma occurs associated with swelling a more progressive decline can occur."

There are many different classes of head injuries which cause blot clots to form in and around the brain.

Weaver continues, "Any one of those can be very serious and life threatening depending on their severity."

As well as how quickly they are treated. But even if Young had managed to call for help there's no guarantee that he would have survived.