Police determine cause of Logan Young's death

The story about what really happened to Logan Young has changed a lot over the past two days. Now, police think they've got it down. And while the end of the story is the same, the details are very different.

The evidence in Logan Young's house was so widespread that police - on Tuesday morning - were convinced of foul play.

Young's son - Logan Young III - was interviewed by police downtown and then released hours later, leaving a confusing and lasting impression that he was a suspect.

But with no signs of forced entry here and only his father's bloody footprints to follow, the picture began to change.

Two days later, the picture is clear, although no less tragic.

"Blunt force injury to the head due to a fall with manner accidental," announced MPD Director Larry Godwin.

Police say there was no assailant. Logan Young had a terrible and fatal accident.

Detectives believe that Young may have actually fallen down a staircase, on the side of which, was a wrought iron railing. They believe he may he may have fallen down backwards and actually banged the back of his head against a hard, sharp edge of the railing. And then, at that point they believe, he may have actually passed out for a time.

"It can best be described as a square, wrought-iron post that has been twisted with very sharp and distinct edges," explained Lt. Joe Scott.

Police found a salad bowl, a fork and a juice cup on the floor, apparently dropped when he fell.

Blood evidence shows that Young went into the kitchen, used a hand towel to cover his wound and tried to return upstairs to his bedroom.

He took a shower. And tried to lie down. Before he could call police, they say he collapsed onto the floor next to his bed.

It was a maid who ultimately found him. She called police right away.

Logan Young's son released a statement today saying the police did a good job and that he and his family are working out funeral arrangements.