Man upset with city demolition practices

Ron Taylor spent much of Thursday and Friday on the phone trying to get ahold of City of Memphis officials.

Taylor's not happy the city started tearing down one of his buildings and appeared to be ready to take the other down too.

"They took the meters out of both properties and then they busted down the door on the one they're not supposed to be tearing down in the back," he said.

Internet research shows the city did have a permit to tear down 301 South Fourth, but not the building attached to it.

Taylor said his family has had the building for five years and they've done their best to keep vagrants out, even hiring someone to clean up and cut the grass twice a week. He said he thought having FedExForum one block away would benefit him.

"We were going to move our office down here, but as soon as they built the arena they zoned everything over here residential, so there was no way I could put an office building here," he said.

The City of Memphis has gotten several complaints over the last few years for 301 South Fourth Street, and Taylor says he got a certified letter saying the city would tear the building down but it didn't say when.

"I called his office and his secretary said she wouldn't have time to talk to you, so I said then I need to talk to Mr. Lipcomb and she said, well I'll have him call you back. I hadn't heard from her and the next thing i know, they're bulldozing it down," Taylor said.

He is frustrated, because he doesn't know how much the city will charge for demolition, or how much what is left standing will be worth.