Logan Young 911 tapes released

Parts of the tape are so chilling, we decided not to air them...but the segments we're about play for you explain a lot about the initial stages of the investigation into Logan Young's death.

Dispatcher: "9-1-1emergency. Do you need police fire or..."
Housekeeper:"Yes, this is Amy, I'm calling from 226 Goodwyn. I come in found my boss, looks like somebody's beat him to death."

When Young's housekeeper reported to work Tuesday morning, she thought she'd walked into a crime scene.

Dispatcher: "Okay, what's the problem ma'am, tell me exactly what happened?
Housekeeper: "Somebody looks like to kill my boss. His blood's everywhere."

A dispatcher tells the housekeeper police and an ambulance are on the way, but it appears too late to save Young.

Dispatcher: "Okay ma'am?"
Housekeeper: "Uh huh?"
Dispatcher: "Stay on the phone with me so we can try to help him until they get there okay?"
Housekeeper: "Honey he's not breathing he's dead."
Dispatcher: "But do you think that we can do CPR?"
Housekeeper: "I don't believe we can. Logan? Oh yeah, yeah, he's dead.">

The tape ends when the 9-1-1 dispatcher, realizing the case involves a very high profile Memphian, makes a call to the top brass at Memphis Police.

Operator: "Memphis Police, how can I help you?"
Dispatcher: "Uh, give me Director Godwin's office
Operator: "One moment."