Church members react to Easter without Matthew Winkler

When the Fourth Street Church of Christ in Selmer celebrates Easter this Sunday, they'll do it without preacher Mathew Winkler in the pulpit.

"Yes, church is going to be without the preacher," says Selmer resident Holly Lucas. "Kids are going to be without their daddy, and this time of year family's important," she adds.

While the rest of the nation may have moved on three weeks after Mathew Winkler's murder, many in this community have not.

"Still curious what's happening, why it happened and everything," says Lucas.

"All I can say is we need to pray for them--church family and all," says Lois Russell of Selmer.

Mary Winkler, the preacher's wife charged with his murder, won't be spending Easter at church or with their children. She'll be inside the McNairy County jail with her attorney.

"She appears to be coming out of her initial shock," says attorney Steve Farese.

Farese has visited with Winkler behind bars before. He plans to pay her another visit Easter Sunday as he builds her defense.

"She is starting to open more, she is starting to be able to give us more details of the time period surrounding the events," says Farese.

Those events captivated the country and continue to be the focus of this west Tennessee town.

Steve Farese tells Action News 5 that Mary Winkler's main concern is arranging contact with her three young girls.

It is unclear if or when that might happen. Her case is expected to got to the McNairy County grand jury in June.