Events leave Tennessee and head for Mississippi

Boy Scouts from around the country have been gathering at the Naval Station in Millington for more than 20 years. But organizers of the Scout Base Jamboree say resources the military was once able to provide have steadily declined.

"It was phenomenal partnership with the naval base, but as the world changed after 9-11 so too did our event," said Scout Base organizer David Pickler.

This year more than 12,000 Scouts and their families will relocate to the Paul Battle Arena in Tunica County.

Pickler said he's not happy that Memphis will miss out on the tourist dollars, but he's sees the city's lack of concern about letting it go as part of a bigger problem.

"The engine that fuels this region is still the city of Memphis and when we lose sight of that and when we quit working hard to not only recruit events like's going to be a problem," said Pickler.

The Memphis Film Festival, a tradition since 1975, has also moved to Mississippi. Organizers say Memphis' hotels have become either too expensive or too dangerous.

While planners for both events were reluctant to move, they say it was Memphis, that made Mississippi their only choice.