Tornado victims mourn losses and say thanks on Easter

Three weeks after a tornado took lives and destroyed property, victims' relatives are still trying to cope with their grief.

In Newbern, Tenn., today, Angel Simpson returned to the site where her 11-month-old nephew died.

Lucas Simpson and his grandparents Vicky and Eddie Sharron were among those killed when the tornado slammed into their house.

At a cross left in honor of her nephew, Simpson shed tears and talked about her family's grief.

"I just want to put it in a scrap book. I just want to make a scrap book of it and just keep the memories and just cherish him and always remember him," said Angel Simpson.

Simpson says she knows her nephew is in heaven and she's comforted to know that his grandparents are there to look after him.

Tomorrow, FEMA will begin moving mobile homes from Hope, Ark., to Marmaduke, Ark.

More than 750 people in Marmaduke lost their homes during those deadly tornadoes on April 2. The mobile homes will go to a staging area in a vacant field along Highway 49.

There are still opportunities to help Mid-Southerners affected by the tornadoes.

An 18-wheeler will be parked at the Kroger on Byhalia in Collierville from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. beginning Monday.

The volunteers are asking for non-perishable food, toiletries, diapers and lots of cleaning supplies.

It's also a tough Easter for people in Middle Tennessee who suffered through a round of deadly tornadoes less than a week after we did.

Hundreds of faithful gathered at a school to worship today because the storms destroyed their church building.

Easter's story of deliverance rang true for many of those people and brought them hope that their church and their lives can be rebuilt.

"You know, the Lord's gracious to us," said the pastor of one damaged church. "The same God that helped us build that property over there is the same God that's going to help us rebuild it. I have complete confidence in the Lord to provide what we need."

He says it's just a matter of time before the rebuilding starts.