Last minute filers scramble to finish on time

As the midnight deadline to file Federal taxes approached Monday, many last minute filers scrambled to get things done on time.

When it came to filing his income taxes, Drew Cook was a procrastinator this year.

"Here I am, bright and early Monday morning, paying my taxes," he said.

Not only was Cook filing his personal income taxes at the last minute, he was filing his business taxes too, and the results weren't pretty.

"I owe a lot of money," he said. Still, Cook saw this year's taxes as a blessing: a sign business was good.

"My wife and I started tithing at church last year, and my income exploded," he said. "So we owe more taxes than we've ever owed in our lives."

While Drew filed electronically with a tax preparer, thousands of others used the old-fashioned method: the mail. Rosemary Stinson was one of them.

"We did get it in time, and we're going to mail it, and that's what counts with me...that it's on time," she said.

While some postal locations will be open until midnight, many of them won't. Before you drop off your tax return, check the time on the box top make sure it will be stamped April 17th. For a list of post offices that will be open late, call 1-800-ASK-USPS.