TDOT hopes new roadside barrier will save lives

The Tennessee Department of Transportation is testing a new type of roadside barrier in the Mid-South that could help save lives.  The barrier is made out of braided steal instead of concrete, and many TDOT workers say the barrier is worth its weight in gold.

"They are real good," said TDOT highway worker Therman Brownlee. "They have saved lives."

Brownlee has worked serveral expressway accident this month, and recalled one particular wreck where the cables prevented a car from going into the median and causing a more serious accident.

"It was an SUV that had three people in it," Brownlee said. "(The cables) stopped it from going over in the other lane. It kind of caught the back of the cables and stopped it from going."

The new barriers are being tested on I-240 between Hollywood and Austin Peay because there have been number of accidents in that area where cars have gone out of control, crossed the median, and hit oncoming cars.

TDOT also hopes to test the barriers in median areas where no concrete barriers exist.