TDOT studies new median barriers

Tennessee's department of transportation is testing out some new median barriers in memphis. The goal is to make your driving safer.

The new barriers have been installed on Memphis' interstate 40 between hollywood and austin peay because there have been number of accidents along that roadway where cars have gone out of control - crossed the median and hit oncoming cars.

The new test barriers look like braided steel.

T-Dot workers say there have already been several instances where the barriers have prevent accidents.

The barriers look a lot different from the concrete guard rails you've seen along the highway.

TDOT is hoping that it can help save lives by testing these new barriers in median areas where no concrete barriers exist.

TDOT is tracking the number and severity of accidents in the 4-mile test area and will publish a report with its findings.

The Federal Highway Administration is paying for the test at a cost of a half a million dollars...