Local storm victims have new housing option

Storm victims in Marmaduke, Arkansas now have a new option for temporary housing.

Saturday and Monday FEMA delivered 25 mobile homes but it will be weeks before anyone moves in. Not everyone will get one and not everyone wants one.

300 homes were damaged or destroyed in tornadoes that tore through the town two weeks ago.

Saturday FEMA began delivering 2 dozen fully furnished mobile homes to TEMPORARILY fill the need.

"Bringing in a mobile home is, for lack of a better word, a last resort, but it's a good one," said FEMA representative Brad Craine.

Some storm victims disagree, because the mobile homes are only available to them free of charge for 18 months.

"It's just postponing what we're going to be going through," said Alicia Foster.

Alicia and Bobby Foster say they came to the newly opened disaster recovery center hoping to apply for a loan to BUY a new home, not to get a loaned mobile home.

But Janet Yarborough says she's applied for whatever help she can get, including a mobile home...she's just not sure if she'll get it.

"It just remains to be seen you know, I know they got a lot of other homeless people with children and everything so it's a wait and see game," Yarborough said.

Priority will be given to the elderly, families with children and the disabled. Greene County leaders have yet to decide if they'll allow homeowners to put the mobile homes on their property or if they will all be put in a single location.