Memphis Police Association President involved in police investigation

It all started when hundreds of dollars worth of lawn items were reported stolen from a house in the Countrywood subdivision in Cordova. The items were later recovered in a second yard just down the street. It was the yard of Memphis Police Association President Tommy Turner.

"Basically, we will review the factors of the case to see if there is any probable cause enough to bring any criminal charge," says MPD spokesman Sgt. Vince Higgins.

Police Director Larry Godwin appears to have already formed an opinion about this case.

"I can't imagine him doing anything like that--like the accusations were," says Godwin.

Turner and his attorney say the reportedly stolen items were bought and paid for during a moving sale through the seller. That's something with which the buyer apparently had a problem.

"I think there's clearly a misunderstanding between the buyer and seller of the property as to possibly what was intended to be sold when the property was sold," says attorney Ted Hansom.

He says even though a check was cashed for the items, Turner returned them in order to avoid further problems.

The police investigation is expected to be wrapped up soon. Right now, no charges have been filed and Turner remains on duty.

Action News 5 attempted to reach both the seller and the buyer of that home in question, but was unsuccessful.