Police investigate afternoon double shooting

A disagreement over some work done on a broken window led to murder Tuesday afternoon.

Will Redmond, Jr. ran the "A Real Place Restaurant" at the corner of Jackson and DeCateur for at least eight years.

According to officials with the Memphis Police Department, the murder happened just after 1pm. Police believe the shooter wasn't done, and may have been involved with another shooting just up the road at DeCateur and Forrest.

"The victim that he encountered at the other scene has also been shot," said Memphis Police spokesperson Sgt. Vince Higgins, "He is now critical at The Med."

Police have a suspect in custody, but have not released his name. The entire event happened quickly, over a span of 22 minutes. People in the neighborhood say the trouble started because the suspect felt Redmond still owed him some money for work he had done on a broken window.