Target 5 uncovers more alleged misspending by Madison County sheriff

Last month, a Target Five Investigation uncovered allegations of misspent money by longtime Madison County Sheriff David Woolfork.

Today, we analyzed five years worth of Sheriff Woolfork's county credit card statements. The same documents studied by the auditors. Those auditors say Madison County taxpayers got stuck with big bills they never should have been asked to pay.

The auditor's investigation centered around travel expenses racked up by Sheriff David Woolfork, his staff, even staff spouses.

Auditors found a lack of control over travel, improper meal reimbursements and unauthorized cash advances for the Sheriff. Auditors also found thousands of dollars worth of meal and travel expenses were paid for spouses, employees and a retired employee who were not on official business.

Madison County Mayor Jerry Gist said they're already working on change in Madison County.

"We have some contingent policy clean up to take care of, but by and large a lot of it was just bookkeeping and standard accounting procedures that got by some of our departments but we're working on that and will continue to work on that," Gist said.

And the kicker, in 2003, Sheriff Woolfork charged taxpayers for travel to a meeting Knoxville, for which he received a $1,500 speaking fee.

The Sheriff's response is included in the audit. In it Woolfork claims every effort is made to comply with county spending policy. When reached by phone this morning for comment, the Sheriff said only, "the audit speaks for itself."