A look back at the District 29 controversy

The battle for District 29 started with the resignation of Senator John Ford after he was indicted in the Tennessee Waltz Scandal. That left the door and his seat open for sister Ophelia Ford to continue the Ford Reign.

The September 15 battle between Ford and Republican Terry Roland was fierce but in the end Ford emerged victor by just 13 votes.

But the very next day Terry Roland and his attorney were already questioning votes, "We have some doubts about some voters and we just make sure that all the people of District 29 get a fair shake in this election."

As the debate went on, Ophelia Ford was sworn into the Tennessee Senate September 29, 2005.

At a time when Two votes were questioned, Ford's attorney, David Cocke, defended his client and the election process, "It's not a conspiracy it doesn't taint the entire election."

Eventually twelve votes were questioned, the Senate was set to vote on voiding the election. Then on January 18, Ford's attorney filed a motion to stop the Senate. Federal Judge Bernice Donald instructed the Senate they must follow a specific investigative process before taking that vote.

Ophelia Ford raised eyebrows when she credited the Lord for win, "I've been chosen to get in this election by the lord that I serve. I didn't want to get into this controversial election but the lord I serve chose me."

A divine experience that could be coming to an end. If the Senators vote to void the election tomorrow, Ophelia Ford would immediately lose her senate seat. Then it would be up to Shelby County commissioners to appoint an interim Senator to serve until the general election on November 7th.