Gangs and disorderly conduct in this week's campus crime report

Someone broke out the window of a car parked at Sheffield High School last week and stole more than 500 dollars worth of stereo equipment.

A man was spotted walking into a locker room at Memphis University School. Later several students discovered their wallets had been stolen.

At Cordova High School police say a gang initiation was videotaped on a camera phone. The beating which was supposed to last 10 seconds was being timed in a hall bathroom of the school. Three students were suspended.

Police arrested two Bartlett High School classmates for disorderly conduct after shouting at each other.

A fight at Millington High resulted in the arrest of one student.

There was one arrest at Arlington Middle School when a student was disruptive to a principal.

Someone used large rocks to bust out windows at Willow Oaks Elementary.

Three students were arrested for arson at West side high School. The fire was started in a locker and the entire school had to be evacuated.

Only one weapon to report this week in Campus Crime. A Treadwell High School student was taken away in handcuffs. He's accused of bringing a 22 caliber pistol to school.