Memphis police still investigating double shooting

Smokey City is the type of Memphis neighborhood where people know each other very well. And a lot of people knew Will Redmond, Jr., known as "Main" to most.

"You know, this just, I don't know--I can't explain it," says friend Veronica Lockett.

Redmond's restaurant, located at the corner of Jackson and Decatur for 15 years, became one of the city's latest murder scenes Tuesday afternoon.

"We had up to six 911 calls within five minutes," says Sgt. Vince Higgins with MPD.

Friends say the trouble followed an ongoing argument over a broken window. Redmond's suspected killer felt he was owed some money for work he had done to fix it. Some say they warned Redmond, but..

"He can't close his place down 'cause somebody else is arguing about a window," says friend Kenny Partee.

People say they can't imagine Redmond making anyone mad. He coached football, routinely cooked out for neighborhood kids, and did whatever else needed to be done.

"You know, whatever the children need in the community, he be there for them to help them," says one friend.

She says Redmond even bought uniforms for those who couldn't afford them. A sign reminding people of youth football season hangs on the side of his restaurant. It may reflect Redmond's commitment to kids.

The man police believe shot William Redmond is suspected in another shooting down the street. That victim was critically injured. The suspect had yet to be charged as of Tuesday night.