Millington High dress code yields safety and learning

Short shorts are okay at a Millington High school track practice, but wearing them to class puts students on the fast track to the principal's office.

Millington 9th Grader Mike Martin says, "I just think you should be able to wear what you want."

For the first time this year parents had the final say on what students should wear next year.

Parent Nina Mitchell says, "My son he's too expensive when it comes to clothes every time I turn around Mom I gotta get the clothes."

Charlene White was thrilled to find out Millington's Middle and High Schools adopted tougher regulations.

Parent Charlene White says, "31 to 13 oh great you guys are going to have to do a dress code next year!"

White's son and his friends had a different reaction.

White continues, "They're not happy."

While some other county schools opted for standard uniforms, Millington High tweaked their current code, voting to ban words and images on clothes, loungewear, sweats and other styles. And issue stricter guidelines on skirt lengths, necklines and the size of logos. Some say switching to basic uniforms would have been less confusing.

White says, "Its better for all the kids no competition what clothes to wear."

But parents who voted weren't given that option. They're hoping just limiting fashion fads will help students and teachers be more focused.

"You know it will give them more time to do other things, hopefully," White continues.

The goal is to increase school safety and improve the learning environment.