Supporters feel Ford is being punished for actions of still unknown criminals

News of Ophelia Ford's ouster is proving just as divisive as the election itself. And - according to some of her supporters - the now former state senator is being punished for the actions of a few - still unknown - criminals.

In Nashville, state lawmakers from around Tennessee voted to flush last year's special election results, effectively snatching Ophelia Ford's senate seat out from under her.

Supporters say it's not fair, arguing Ford had nothing to do with the voter fraud now alleged in the election.

"She didn't go out and gather those people up and tell them to do that. They committed a crime on their own and she is being punished because they did it," said Ford supporter Minnie Logan.

But up and down the district, voters who've watched the debate seem glad it appears over, no matter which candidate they supported. The election itself was the problem - they say - not the candidates.

"I think she should have been booted out if it was not fair," said another Ford supporter.

Deborah Kirchoff, who works in Millington says, "I think that it's a wise decision. Have another vote. Do it again. See who comes out on top. And if she comes out on top, then like she says, it was meant to be and if not, so be it."

Both Ophelia Ford and Terry Roland have qualified to run against each other again later this year.

Even those who supported Ophelia Ford were relieved with today's outcome. The questionable votes. The many months of media attention. So many people told us today they just weren't comfortable with that election.