Ophelia Ford not surprised by Senate ouster

Ophelia Ford said she is not surprised by the senate senate vote..by her ouster..she saw it coming. But she made it clear to the full senate she'll be back.

Senator Ophelia Ford entered the senate chambers knowing the vote was coming on whether to void the district 29 election she won by 13 votes. Her Republican opponent Terry Roland was in the gallery to watch it all.

Senator Mike Williams of Maynardsville says, "We feel neither candidate did anything wrong.None the less we feel the results of this election should be deemed uncertain."

With that the vote was about to come when Democratic Senator Steve Cohen stepped in.

State Senator Steve Cohen of Memphis says, "Is there not going to be any debate."

There was with Cohen giving his reason for almost 20 minutes why the vote should not happen..saying it is a rush to judgement.

Cohen voted no but it wasn't enough..the full senate vote 26-6 to void the District 29 election ousting Ophelia Ford. She spoke to the full senate before leaving thanking them for the opportunity...and saying

Ford says, "It's been difficult for me to receive my Republican colleagues to be so very hard and not be fair in process and then my Democratic colleagues the went along with it. I just had to say that."

With that Ophelia Ford left the senate chambers.

She spoke to reporters outside in the hall...

"I think this has really served a purpose to let people know just how important their vote is and I think that's the whole purpose the Lord is using me," Ford continues.

Ophelia Ford said she will be back in the Senate Thursday observing this time to represent the voters of district 29....Senator or not.

Ford's Republican challenger Terry Roland say, "There's been stuff said by Senator Cohen about her beating me hey it'll be the will of he people what ever they say.,"

Ophelia Ford said not so quick she'll be back maybe sooner than later. Ford says her attorney plans to go back to Federal Court. She told the Senate she could be back in her seat next week.