Candidates for Shelby County Juvenile Court Clerk

In the race for the Shelby County Juvenile Court Clerk, two well known politicians in the Democratic Party are campaigning for the Democratic vote in May 2nd's primary election.

Shep Wilbun, who once served as Juvenile Court Clerk before and was defeated in 2002, spent three fighting charges that he misused funds.

"We insisted from the beginning that we had not committed a crime," Wilbun said. "It's unfortunate that charges were brought, but they were dismissed"

Wilbun's opponent, Wanda Halbert, believes her six years on the city school board outweighs Wilbun's experience.

"I think I have been strongly engaged with our parents and children ,and I know the needs of our community when it comes to children and families," she said.

"Wilbun and Halbert have two things in common: Both are experienced politicians, and both believe the current way things are run at Juvenile Court need improving"

"I intend to make sure we return to courteous, efficient and effective and respectful service as the clerk," Wilbun said.

"We need our dads at home with our children, helping to take care of our children," Halbert said, "not incarcerated because they can't pay child support"

Both candidates are hoping for support from Shelby County Candidates on May 2. The winner of the May 2nd contest will face incumbent Juvenile Court Clerk Steve Stamson in the general election.

Stamson, a Republican, faces no opposition in the primary.