TBI's college campus crime report has good news for University of Memphis

Crime numbers for Tennessee colleges and universities brought good news to the University of Memphis.  According to numbers just released by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, the U of M had the lowest crime rate last year of the state's twelve largest colleges and universities.

When asked if they feel safe at the University of Memphis, students ast the school gave mixed reviews.

"There are policemen around all the time, and it seems like they're always watching," said student Shana Jefferson.

"There's a lot of campus police riding around," said student Brandon Perry, "If they tend more like to the criminal activity more than the traffic, I think it'll be a more safe environment."

According to the TBI report Thursday, there were just under 20 crimes reported for every 1,000 students. That's a small number compared to other large schools in Tennessee.

"It's not as bad as I think some people perceive," said Bruce Harbor, Campus Police Director at the University of Memphis. "It's nowhere near that bad, but you still need to be extremely cautious and careful."

The University has about 250 cameras spread all over campus. Emergency call towers can also be found throughout the school, where you can simply press a button to be connected to campus police. The school also recently added lighting and observation towers to parking lots.

"There's an added expectation on us because people see us as having a parental role to making sure that their students, even though they are adults, 18 or older, that they remain safe," Harbor said.

Campus police officials said recent security upgrades are helping meet that expectation.