Millington Police round up teens wanted for dealing drugs

Millington Police are still on the streets working to round up the remaining teens wanted for dealing drugs here at Millington Central High school.

17 of 26 have already been arrested.

Name a drug and police say you can find it at Millington Central High School.

Lt. Charlie Coleman with Millington police says, "Every school has a problem some are just more than others."

Lt. Charlie Coleman heads up Millington pd's narcotics unit.

His team started their day by pulling a number of teens out of class and placing them under arrest.

The result of a 3 month long undercover operation.

Coleman continues, "Some undercover officers in the 20's that looked 16 years old were able to get the goods and purchased everything from ecstasy to marijuana cocaine and prescription pills."

Millington Police have turned up the heat on suspected teen drug dealers.

Take a look at this video, it shows a 16 year old girl selling prescription drugs to an undercover officer.

Police say this is the exact same way students were caught red handed.

Coleman says, "Every buy we made was audio and video recorded so there's no saying it wasn't me."

He hopes undercover efforts made dent in the teen drug problem and send a message to others who dare to deal on campus.

Three of these teens are actually middle school students, including a 13 year old girl accused of selling ecstasy.

Her sister was also arrested.

In addition to criminal charges all face expulsion and are scheduled to appear in juvenile court tomorrow.

Police say several parents could also face charges.