Teens in undercover drug bust appear in court

Dozens of teenagers arrested during a huge drug bust at a Millington high school faced a judge Friday. 16 of the accused teens were in court.

Half of them got to go home with their parents, but the judge decided the other half would stay in juvenile custody because of prior records.

Each of the students face several charges ranging from felony possession, manufacturing and distributing.

Millington Police say the kids sold undercover officers cocaine, ecstasy, marijuana and prescription pills they have the whole thing on tape.

Some parents believe their kids were set-up and are innocent.

"And I don't believe that no I don't believe none of these children's are drug dealers I don't believe that because drug dealers have money and access to everything else," said Martha Geeter, mother of an accused teen who was released on bond.

But authorities say there was no set-up.

"They made the voluntary choice to sell us drugs, we didn't give them drugs and then tell them to go sell to somebody, they basically came to us," said Millington Police Lieutenant Charlie Coleman.

The teens who were released on bond were ordered to have no contact with the other students involved in this case.

Millington Police are still looking for six teens they say also sold them drugs.

As for the kids in court Friday, they have another hearing in two weeks.