Thaddeus Matthews appears in Juvenile Court

Thaddeus Matthews is said to owe some $30,000 in back child support payments. It was enough to land him in Shelby County Juvenile Court Friday with the mothers of his three children.

"He can't go around talking about other people when he's not doing what he's supposed to do," said one mother.

Matthews has made a career out of criticizing others. Specifically, Memphis Mayor Willie Herenton, whom he's trying to recall. Matthews believes it could be more than coincidence that news of his court appearance and the recall effort coincide.

"There are people who work at Juvenile Court who are connected to city hall," said Matthews.

He believes those same people may have tipped off the media.

"You didn't pull a rabbit out of the hat to know that I was going to be here," said Matthews.

While alerting the media is a possibility, Matthews admits, ending up in court had little to do with Mayor Herenton.

"Willie Herenton and the recall has nothing to do with me being here--believe it or not, Willie Herenton had nothing to do with these babies," said Matthews.

One of his baby's mothers just hopes Matthews will fulfill his duties as a father.

"If you dance to the music, you've got to pay the piper and now he has to pay the piper," she said.

Thaddeus Matthews had to come up with $5100 in order to avoid jail Friday. He and his attorney hope to work out a plan that will allow him to better keep up with his child support payments.