Neighbors plan vigil to honor slain toddler

A garden of teddy bears covers up the ground where Jakiria Lewis was gunned down.

"I'm still hurting, but I'm trying to make it day by day," said Jakiria's mother Shandrika Marion.

The two-year old was killed in what police describe as a drive-by shooting Thursday night. Her mother was also hit, but not seriously wounded. Police say both were innocent bystanders.

"It's hard to accept the point that she's gone," said Marion. "Seems like yesterday that she was here with me."

There's anger and fear now in this public housing apartment complex. Those who live here pinned stuffed animals to a utility pole. It's a tribute to the toddler who now represents the violence they say they face every day.

"You know, it don't make no sense how the people, you know, come out here shooting...and a stray bullet ain't got no eyes," said neighbor Deborah Jones.

"You have older kids picking, trying to take their bike, you have to worry about them going outside and you hear shooting; you're trying to make sure they're okay," said another neighbor Anita Brown.

Marion wants to make sure it doesn't happen to anyone else's child.

"Why don't we get along, come together. Anything. People say they're sorry. They tell me they're sorry for what they did, but I don't think I can accept it right now," said Marion.

She says she wants those people punished for pain that will never go away.

Police have not charged anyone yet in the shooting. Investigators tell us they do have several people in custody and that they are still conducting interviews to try to piece together what happened.