Neighbors rally against violence in the wake of girl's death

"What about the children? Stop the violence?"

They chanted and cried with candles in hand calling for change after someone shot and killed two-year-old Jakiria Lewis Thursday.

"Hopefully it will prompt them to do more inside their respective homes as well as in this community as a whole," said Melanie Gillard.

She organized Saturday night's rally. About 50 people marched through the housing complex where Lewis was killed and her mother was shot. They want to take back the streets of the neighborhoods around Brown Mall.

"The people have to rally," said activist Novella Smith Arnold. "Mommas have to, daddy's have to stop going to jail. They have to stay home and take care of their children."

While neighbors rallied, police scoured the crime scene. They're trying to figure out who fired the deadly shot. Many say it's time for men and women in the community to cooperate with men and women in blue.

"If you hold back information and you don't cooperate with the police and other people then it hurts everyone," said Father Colenzo Hubbard of the Emmanuel Episcopal Center. "It just allows these guys to think that they can come in and do anything and say anything whenever they want to."

Jakiria's mother says she appreciates all the support, "but I'm still upset for the fact that I have lost a child that no one can replace."

Shandrika Marion hopes that after tonight people will think twice before turning to violence.