Candidates for County Commission District 1, Position 3

There are no democrats running for District One Position Three on the County Commission.

That means the winner will be decided in next week's primary.

The candidates agree on what the important issues are;their differences come in how to solve them.

The signs of change are visable in the District One Position three seat Shelby County Commission Seat.  John Willingham is vacating the seat because he's running for Mayor.

But there is a Willingham in the race.  His daughter, Karla Willingham Templeton, hopes to replace her father. " So I've got a woman's prospective not a man's prospective. But I still have the same drive, determination and honesty that my father has,"said Templeton.

Templeton is a teacher who says its time to stop throwing money at school problems.

But her top priority will be comprehensive tax reform.  "It abolishes the wheel tax. It abolishes the business tax and it lowers our property tax, which is the highest in the state. And it lowers our sales tax which the highest in the nation," said Templeton.

Her opponent, Republican Mike Carpenter, agrees taxes are too high, but he has a very different opinion on what to do about it. "If we continue to raise taxes people are going to go where it is cheaper to live. So we've got to hold the line on taxes at least in the short run. Second thing we have to do is make some tough decisions about paying down our debt,"said Carpenter.

Carpenter, the president of Commercial Construction Trade Association and father of four, wants to look at privatizing the jail and cutting school construction costs. "If we can control construction costs then we'll have more dollars to put in the classrooms. And I think that's the real key.", said Carpenter.

When choosing between these two republicans, voters are essentially choosing which approach they believe will solve the biggest problems facing our County.