Police look for intruders responsible for bold home invasion

Police actively searched Monday for two suspects they said committed a bold home invasion robbery in the 4700 block of Rolling Meadows in Raleigh.

Police said the Raleigh homeowner was walking to his car when two men approached him.

"They forced the man back into his home, where they proceeded to rob the house and the individuals inside," said Memphis Police spokesperson Sgt. Vince Higgins.

Investigators said the suspects tied up the homeowner and then locked him, his wife, and young daughter in a bedroom.

"The suspect struck the victim with a pistol," Higgins said. "They are not injured badly. They were able to call the police. The fire department came and checked them out, and they were not injured badly."

Police say while locked in the bedroom, the wife was able to trip their home alarm, which brought out police officers and firefighters.

The crime shocked area neighbors, who said their neighborhood has a reputation for being crime-free.

"I'm surprised," said neighbor Michael Crawford. "I know them to be very quiet, and everything is usually pretty peaceful."

Meanwhile, police continue to look for clues and more information about the two robbers, who turned the family's Monday morning into a nightmare.