Bed Bug Busters

Imagine getting a good nights rest then waking covered with hundreds of red sores. Nancy Duke did.

Duke says, "I had welts and they were all over my legs, my arms, my face. I looked like I had the chicken pox"

The sores were by bed bugs, yes bed bugs. Your mom warned you about them and they're real.

Jerome Goddard is an entemologist for the state of Mississippi, "They suck blood, they irritate you and nobody wants them."

Goddard is studying bed bugs, specifically why they're reappearing in the US after near extinction. One popular theory is travel to and from the US has brought the pests back. Then travel within the states has spread them even more. Bed Bugs are tiny but they can be seen by the human eye. Getting rid of them can be tough because they can easily hide and rooms have to be treated numerous times. Just because a hotel or a guest room in your own home has gone unused doesn't mean the little guys are gone. In-fact, the little buggers are sturdy. Not only do they have lots of little babies but they can go weeks even months without eating any blood.

The bed bug battle could be good for one Memphis company. Natureplex is known for its line of supplements but now they've developed an all natural spray, that studies show kills, bed bugs.

Joe Skelley heads up Natureplex's Research and Development, "There's a surfactin in it, which is basically a soap which cuts the hardness of the shell and allows for essential oils to permiate and attack the bug."

A few cinnamon smelling sprays and bed bugs bite the dust. Because of their transitory nature, many believe hotel beds are the primary source for the spread of bed bugs. We decided to check some local hotels and enlisted the help of Victor Santos and Joe Skelley from Natureplex. Rooms ranged from budget to a hundred bucks a night. Normally. bed bugs hide in the nooks and crannies in the folds of the mattresses.

" These guys tore off the sheets, looked under mattresses and box springs. "Looking for some excrement and some of the bugs themselves."

They even showed me that many hotel backboards come off. On one, we found dead bugs but they weren't bed bugs. Your best bet it to simply look on the sheets for bugs before climbing into bed. Overall the rooms proved clean, information that might give out of town guests a peceful nights sleep.