A new clothing line that represents Memphis

The Bluff City... There's a lot to love about it.

Checliss Rice with Gametime Athletics says, "You got people here that love Memphis, whether it's Beale Street, BBQ, 36 Mafia, church.. You got people that just love Memphis."

And now they can wear their hometown pride on their hat, with a new clothing line that represents Memphis.

Former arena football player Checliss Rice is the creator of the M-Town shoe collection, which sports a big M logo... He also has shirts and hats.

Rice says his family thought it was a whim... But with the popularity of throwback and logo clothing, he saw a lucrative opportunity.

Rice continues, "When throwbacks were at their peak , they made over 30 million dollars... In jerseys."

A chance to be fashionable... All while showing hometown pride.

"I just believe there's a niche, and people just representing love for where they're from, and its not a point of being boastful. For those that want to represent where they're from.. I'm gonna make it happen," says Rice.