Two year old girl continues recovery after morning house fire

Not much is left of the house on Oakwood near Chelsea.

13-people were inside at 2-o'clock Tuesday morning when it went up in flames.

There was no time to get dressed to go outside.

Fire victim Ashley Berry says, "All I remember is my sister she just knocking on my door and she was telling me get up the house is on fire."

Ashley Berry is pregnant and had to jump from a window to escape.

Berry continues, "Smoke all just coming out that room right there. Just pouring out blazing out and then the meter box it popped on the side of the house and it was all just everywhere."

Berry's niece was the only one that did not make it out of the house.

"When we came out here we couldn't even find my sister and them, my dad and my brother he was running down the street. My little niece she was still stuck in the house," says Berry.

Firefighters rescued the two-year old.

She was taken to LeBonheur in critical condition.