Strangers knock on doors in Central Gardens neighborhood

Central Gardens residents say for some time now they have had a problem with strangers knocking on their doors asking for money.

Resident Marilynn Buehlar says, "I begin to feel afraid and I shake my head no I'm sorry come back another day..."

Resident Roger Reeder says, "A few months ago it was a lady with a child in her arms saying she wanted money for formula so its something that happens periodically."

But its the man who knocked on Herbert Cochrane's door last weekend that prompted neighborhood watch members to begin warning others with this e-mail...

Memphis resident Herbert Cochrane says, "He said he had just moved in and rented the place next door and needed to borrow some money he was short just about 20-dollars to wire his daughter some money."

But Cochrane feels it was a scam and the stranger's claim of moving into the house next door made him suspicious.

Cochrane continues, "Well I quizzed him a little bit about who he rented from and he couldn't remember he started to back off and said I can't remember the person's name I rented from."

Cochrane says the stranger took off - only to show up the next day on the next street over.

"And I called police to notify them that he was back in the neighborhood and as quick as we could try to follow em he was gone," continues Cochrane.

And now Central Gardens neighborhood watch is spreading the word about the stranger and urging residents to call police if they see him...

Otharee Perry with the Neighborhood Watch says, "It was a very good idea I would rate it number one">

Otharee Perry coordinates the more than 500 neighborhood watch groups supervised by Memphis police.

She says e-mails like the one being circulated by central gardens residents is a good way to warn other residents about what's going on. And a good way resident can work together to stop crime in the community...