Candidates for County Commission District 4 Position 2

Two Republicans are looking to unseat an incumbent in the race for the District 4 County Commission. It's a race where the primary winner also wins the seat.

District 4 covers the largest area on the County Commission and the race is charged with accusations of developer influence.

County School Board Member Wyatt Bunker has strong words for Incumbent Tom Moss about the commissioner's ties to developers like Rusty Hyneman.

"It's about developer influence on the County Commision. It's about out of control development in the community. It's about our debt rising and it eroding away at the foundation of our schools," Bunker said.

As a homebuilder, Moss admits his trade brings him into contact with developers, but he says that's not the issue.

"The bottom line is all three candidates for this position are real estate agents," Moss explained.

Former Lakeland Mayor Jim Bomprezzi is back to challenge Moss a second time. High debt is on his mind. The county says it's just under 2 billion dollars, but Bomprezzi calculated his own number.

"There's 2.1 billion dollars debt in Shelby County. This is ridiculous. That's irresponsible fiscal management. Something needs to be done about that," he said.

While all the candidates agree county debt is the biggest challenge, each candidate has his own, unique campaign push:

Bomprezzi: To give senior citizens a relief to freeze their taxes. The senior citizens have earned their way

Bunker: I think there's a place for religion in government. I think you can see it very clearly in our historical documents, in our historical buildings.

Moss: I'd like to see the two school systems be able to use the Needs Assessment Committee and other methods for construction than they've been using in the past.

Moss says he's not taking this race lightly, he says he wants to finish what he started. Bomprezzi and Bunker say it's time for fresh ideas.

With no Democrats in the race, there are no party lines to draw, just the candidates and the issues.