Theft and vandalism top this week's Campus Crime report

When an alarm went off at Oak Forest Elementary school last week police found six windows had been busted out. Witnesses said they saw three suspects throwing rocks at the building

Police arrested a Cordova High School student for theft of property under 500 dollars.

Someone smashed the rear passenger window of a car parked at Germanshire Elementary and stole a purse inside.

Someone broke into a locker at Hanley Elementary and stole a wallet. The suspect used a stolen credit card 10 different gas stations and racked up $379 dollars in charges.

A student from Collierville High School was arrested for assault last week.

Students at the following schools were arrested for disorderly conduct;

Bolton High School, Desoto Central Middle School and Southaven Middle School.

A Houston High School student was caught carrying a razor blade.

At Northside High School a random metal detector check exposed a 6 inch chrome knife in a student's backpack.

A Horn Lake High School student was also charged with having a knife at school.

At Cypress Middle School, police say a student was caught with 1.2 grams of marijuana.

At Horn Lake High School one student was charged with possession of 7 small bags of marijuana that were for sale

Another student was arrested for purchasing one of those bags of pot.