Storms cause damage; Fire burns down business in Bartlett

Fire crews battled both a massive blaze and the weather during Tuesday's storms.

Shortly before 10:00pm Tuesday night, crews were called to a large fire at Dixie Floor Coverings, located at the corner of Highway 64 and Kate Bond Road.

Fire officials estimate that fire started after 8pm, just before lightning and tornado warnings started to hit the area.  The weather got so bad, firefighters dropped what they were doing and broke into the building next door for shelter.
As soon as they pulled out, lightning struck one of their ladder trucks.  Officials said there was no telling how badly one of them could have been hurt if they'd been on the truck.

"When they pulled off they were ready to go, but when they saw the ladder truck get struck by lightening they realized this is serious business and we'll get to it when we get to it," said Bartlett Fire Department Chief Gary Graves.

After nearly a half an hour, fire fighters resumed their attack on the fire. By then, the business was completely in flames.  Graves said it will be days before they know what started the fire.