Candidates for County Commission District 3, Position 1

Seven people are vying for the Shelby County Commission District 3, Position 1 seat.

Georgia Malone is a native Memphian, works in Social Services and came in second the last time she ran for this seat. "Education being equal in all the schools, Memphis and Shelby County. I feel that all children need to be educated and they need the best education they can get and that includes having the best teachers, the best staff, she said.

Bob Hatton, originally from Henning, Tennessee, is heavily involved with the NAACP and owns a manufacturing business. "Being able to develop the district economically, being able to take advantage of some of the assets of the district is probably our biggest challenge and ones that will allow us to get into a growth state," he said.

Adrian Killebrew manages his family business and is a father of two. "Our biggest challenge is juvenile crime. We've got to give our children hope for a better tomorrow. Right now they're underprivileged, they have no hope and they have no faith in the system," he said.

Paul Springer, a 13-year Memphis resident is a well known attorney and graduate of the U of M School of Law. "I think education transcends every other problem we have in our community, crime economic development. If you can't educate your children then you can't attract businesses because you don't have the workforce. If you don't educate your children, then you're gonna have crime," he said.

Johnny Hatcher, Jr. is a graduate of Howard University, father of three and Memphis accountant.  "Finding alternative sources of revenue so we can take the burden of these taxes off the tax payer, one would be to charge a license plate fee for citizens that work in Shelby County but don't live in Shelby County," he said.

Del Gill is a Shelby County Democratic Party Executive member, father of two, business and political consultant and a U of M grad. "Educational funding is something we should not lose track of. The City of Memphis is 68 percent of the County of Shelby. Memphis City School System is 3 times as large as the County school system. I cannot yield to making sure education is the priority it already is and i'm for the 3 to 1 funding," he said.

James Harvey is a mortgage banker and lost a 2004 bid for the District 33 state Senate seat.  "I think someone has to bridge the gap between government and business so we can retain those strong businesses that are going to help ultimately, our tax base," he said.