Stabbing at Kirby High School sends student to the hospital

A stabbing during a fight between female two students Wednesday at Kirby High School sent one of the girls to a local hospital.

By the time classes had let out at Kirby High, most students had heard about the stabbing in the girl's bathroom.

"I seen a lot of blood and all of that," said student Nicole White.

White said the girl with the knife accidentally stabbed herself as well. The fight happened a couple of hours after classes started for the day. Police were immediately dispatched to the scene.

"One of the females stabbed the other one," said Memphis Police Department Major Dave Martello. "The victim of the stabbing was taken to the hospital."

Students at Kirby High School familiar with the situation said the girls had fought in the past, though no one knew the exact cause for Wednesday's fight. Students at the school said there should have been a better solution to the problems. Most didn't consider Kirby a "troubled" school.

Officials with the Memphis Police Department said the student that was transported to the hospital was in non-critical conditions. Memphis City Schools said in a press release that appropriate disciplinary measures had been taken against the student with the knife, but did not say what the exact punishment was.