Trenton slammed by Tuesday storms

The sound of chainsaws and backhoes filled the air in Trenton Wednesday morning. Gibson County emergency management officials said Tuesday night's storm damaged at least 90 buildings and wiped out power to nearly 1,500 people.

The storm unloaded winds with enough force to uproot giant trees and send them crashing into homes.

This one missed landing on Anthonique Burnett and her family by just a few feet.

"I have never been through anything like this," she said. "It was very scary."

Some buildings on the town square suffered so much damage they were immediately condemned and torn down. The storm ripped sections of roofs off others, sending water pouring into businesses. All around town lawns were littered with debris, downed power lines and a lot of frayed nerves. It was the second major storm to hit area in less than a month.

"It puts everybody on edge when we see the clouds coming and watching the coverage on TV," said business owner Hugh McClanahan "We kind of hunker down and hope for the best."

Many people in Trenton said they were ready to buckle down, cut their losses and hope that next time mother nature cuts them a break.