MLGW contributes to Black Mayors Conference

An invoice drawn up in January accounts for the 20 thousand dollars MLGW contributed to the Black Mayors Conference.

The money was to pay for advertising, an exhibit booth, a table for 10 at three meals and registration for 3 employees.

Joe Saino who served on the MLGW board 30 years ago says that money belongs to the rate payers.

Siano states, "The public needs to know that this is where some of their money is going."

In a statement Wednesday the utility stood by its donation saying.

We consider our contribution an investment in the wellbeing, vitality and prosperity of our city. Moreover, our contribution to the conference is within budget and has no impact whatsoever on utility rates.

Siano continues, "That's not true, I mean, anything that affects the reserves of MLGW which are supposed to be used for rate reductions is bound to have an effect eventually."

Saino says the mayors conference donation is just one indication of how the utility is mismanaging 236 million dollars of reserve funds.

But MLGW interpreted his criticism as racially motivated saying "We highly recommend that Mr. Saino enrolls in a course on diversity as this may help him to rid himself of the obvious biases that affect his decisions."

MLGW's biggest critic isn't buying it.

Siano says, "Apparently I'm not going to get a Christmas card this year from Joseph Lee."