Judge frees John Ford from wearing ankle bracelet

Former state Senator John Ford got a bit more freedom Thursday while awaiting trial on public corruption charges.

Federal Judge Daniel Breen gave Ford permission to remove the electronic ankle bracelet he has been wearing so authorities can keep up with where he is at all times.

Prosecutor Tim DiScenza said Ford appeared to be following the court-imposed conditions of his release that generally restrict his movements to work and home.

Ford is allowed to leave home only for work and church, to care for his children and for meetings with his lawyer.

The lawyers also told Breen they are on track for a trial to begin October second.

He is one of five current or former state lawmakers accused of taking bribes from FBI agents posing as representatives of a company, E-Cycle Management, seeking legislative favors while setting up a business to buy and sell used government computers.

Ford is charged with bribery, extortion and threatening a government witness. He resigned from the Senate in May shortly after his indictment.