Judge decides Mulroy will stay on May primary ballot

Minutes after a judge decided his opponent will appear on May's primary ballot, Joe Cooper was still fighting mad.

"Try to make a point, if you're gonna be on the ballot do it the right way," he said.

Cooper alleges fellow Democrat and District 5 opponent Steve Mulroy was skirting election rules when he filed for the seat.

"Mr. Mulroy was clearly not a resident when he filed his first petition which is why he withdrew it, he was scared," he said.

Mulroy, said he moved into the East Memphis home well before the filing deadline.

"What the voters need to know is my wife and I have one home in district five. Here's the deed, ok? We live in the district," he said.

In his decision, Chancellor Arnold Goldin said it was the job of voters to decide who should hold the contested seat. Much to Cooper's chagrin and Mulroy's satisfaction.

"I don't think any of this is relevant," he said. "I think voters ought to be deciding these things on the issues."

While they may be at odds on many subjects, there is one where they agree, election reform.

"We can change the Tennessee statute to make it more clear as to what constitutes residency for voting purposes that would be one thing," Mulroy said.

"I think a review of all the statutes at the state level which is what the election commission operates under should be reviewed," Cooper said.