Candidates for County Commission District 3, Position 2

The battle for the Shelby County Commission District 3, Position 2 seat is complicated by the fact one of the candidates on the ballot is barred from winning the election.

County Commission incumbent Cleo Kirk's name is on the ballot even though he has no chance of holding office if he wins the race. Kirk's name is on the ballot because it was too late to remove it when he lost his fight against term limits for the commission. There are no Republican opponents running in the race. If Kirk wins, he figures he will have influence in the final selection of who will fill the seat.

"If I were to win the race, I would have some influence or some concern in getting someone appointed to that position who can have some influence," Kirk said. He said when he decided to run again, he was a viable candidate, and that a lot of would-be commissioners stayed out of the race out of respect to him.

Democrat Sidney Chism, a former union representative and an engineer, is Kirk's opponent.

"I think the voting public will do what's necessary, and vote for someone that can serve," Chism said, "not for someone who wants to have a voice in the process to given the democratic part to have a say in choosing the person."

Chism said he intends to beat Kirk.