Signs of gang activity concern Raleigh Neighborhood

On the sidewalk, a stop sign, and a fence in a Raleigh Neighborhood, fresh graffiti could be found Thursday. The graffiti read "Gangster Disciple Killers," and included an upside down pitch fork. It could be interpreted as an insult to the GDKs, possibly from a rival gang known as the Vice Lords. Residents in the neighborhood said it was an obvious cause for concern.

"It stirs up trouble in the neighborhood," said resident Shelly Talada, "But we're getting a neighborhood watch and that will make it better."

Talada say the graffiti can be frightening, and she's tired of power washing the graffiti off the fence. Other gang identifiers, such as shoes hanging over power lines, could also be found in the neighborhood. Experts say that can be announcement that a gang has arrived.

Residents called the Sheriff's department about the graffiti, and a gang unit recently visited to document the gang signs. Officer Robert Elliot said when the graffiti pops up, neighbors think the gangs have just arrive. Often, he said, the problem was already there.

"It sends up red flags in the neighborhood," he said. "If you look at it, it lets me know gangs are active in this neighborhood.

Thursday, the gang unit waited for a school bus to arrive to check the children when the exited the bus. Elliot said he saw possible evidence that some of the kids were at least flirting with the idea of being in a gang.

The gang unit came out to take a look and document all of this.